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- November 2004 -

The New York Times #1 Bestseller is changing how the world views money by shifting your context to that of a rich person.

If you are like many - dependent on your paychecks to cover your monthly expenses - then you don’t think like the rich.

The rich don’t accumulate cash. They accumulate assets that generate cash flow for them.
In reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, you’ll better understand the power that thinking can have on your life. If you are looking for financial freedom, then Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great place to start your learning process.


In the sequel to Rich Dad Poor Dad, learn how the role you play in the business world affects your ability to become financially free.

There are four types of people who make up the world of business but it’s the business owners and the investors (not the employees and the self-employed) who can create great wealth by accelerating their cash flow through those assets.

A Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant is perfect for employees or self-employed individuals interested in finding new ways to generate cash flow. If you’re already a business owner or real estate investor, this book delivers tools for even greater success.

Do you value your child’s education? Do you want your children to have a financial head start in life? Are you willing to take an active role to make that happen? At school, your children learn many valuable concepts, yet they are rarely taught anything about finances. Imagine if you had been taught about money and, more specifically, about how the rich got that way by generating cash flow from their assets. For a kid, these lessons are vital to future financial well-being. But, better yet, children are excited and inspired by the message. Rich Dad’s Rich Kid Smart Kid is an introduction to the financial world for children. But more than that, it gives them the right context in which to view money from a very early age. This is the first step to take in ensuring your children have a better financial start than you might have had.

Are you and your financial plan on the fast track
or the slow track?

If you are like most, retiring early sounds great. More time to spend with friends and family. More time to travel and see different cultures. More time to do that which really interests you.

To get on the fast track, you need to leverage your mind, leverage your plan and leverage your actions. In Rich Dad’s Retire Young Retire Rich, Robert details how he and his wife Kim achieved financial freedom in less than ten years.

More importantly, he shows how a context shift in your mind allows you to create a plan that formulates the actions necessary for your financial freedom.

CASHFLOW® 101 Board Game

Is an educational program that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time and makes learning fun.

CASHFLOW® 202 Board Game

Take the next step. A game that teaches you the advanced skills of technical investing. Learn to make money when the market is going up or down and profit in tough times.

You must have CASHFLOW® 101 in order to play CASHFLOW® 202.
This package contains new game sheets, new playing cards, and 4 audiocassettes.

CASHFLOW® for kids Board Game

Give your child a financial headstart by raising their financial I.Q. This game teaches your family the key principles of how to get out of the rat race- & how to create wealth.

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